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CNC-Polished or MRF-Polished Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses, or aspheres are designed to have a much shorter focal length than is possible with regular spherical lenses. An aspheric Lens, or an asphere features a surface whose radius changes with distance from the optical axis, this unique feature allows aspheric lenses to eliminate spherical aberration and greatly reduce other aberrations in order to delivery improved optical performances. Aspheres are ideal for laser focusing applications as they are optimized for small spot sizes. In addition, a single aspheric lens can often replace multiple spherical elements in an imaging system.

Since aspheric lenses are corrected for spherical and coma aberrations, they are ideally suited for low f-number and high throughput application, condenser quality aspheres are primarily used in high efficiency illumination systems.

Paralight Optics offers CNC precision-polished large-diameter aspherical lenses, with and without anti-reflection (AR) coatings. These lenses are available in larger sizes, provide better surface quality, and maintain the M squared values of the input beam better than their molded aspheric lens counterparts. Since the surface of an aspheric lens is designed to eliminate spherical aberration, they are often employed to collimate light exiting a fiber or laser diode. We also offer acylindrical lenses, which provides the advantages of aspheres in one-dimensional focusing applications.



Quality Assurance:

CNC Precision Polish Enables High Optical Performance

Quality Control:

In Process Metrology for All CNC Polished Aspheres

Metrology Techniques:

Non-Contact Interferometric and Non-Marring Profilometer Measurements


Ideally Suited for Low F-Number and High throughput Application. Condenser Quality Aspheres are Primarily Used in High Efficiency Illumination Systems.


Common Specifications:



Ranges & Tolerances

  • Substrate Material

    N-BK7 (CDGM H-K9L), ZnSe or others

  • Type

    Aspheric Lens

  • Diameter

    10 - 50 mm

  • Diameter Tolerance

    +0.00/-0.50 mm

  • Center Thickness Tolerance

    +/-0.50 mm

  • Bevel

    0.50 mm x 45°

  • Focal Length Tolerance

    ± 7 %

  • Centration

    < 30 arcmin

  • Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)

    80 - 60

  • Clear Aperture

    ≥ 90% of Diameter

  • Coating Range

    Uncoated or specify your coating

  • Design Wavelength

    587.6 nm

  • Laser Damage Threshold (Pulsed)

    7.5 J/cm2 (10ns,10Hz,@532nm)



♦ Positive Radius Indicates that the Center of Curvature is to the Right of the Lens
♦ Negative Radius Indicates that the Center of Curvature is to the Left of the Lens
Aspheric Lens Equation:
Z = Sag(Surface Profile)
Y = Radial Distance from Optical Axis
R = Radius of Curvature
K = Conic Constant
A4 = 4th Order Aspheric Coefficient
A6 = 6th Order Aspheric Coefficient
An = nth Order Aspheric Coefficient

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