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Wedged Optical Windows with or without AR Coatings

Optical windows provide protection between an optical system or sensitive electronics and an outside environment. It is important to select a window that transmits the wavelengths used in the system. In addition the substrate material should be able to withstand the environmental conditions of the application. Windows are useful for protecting a laser output from environmental effects and for beam sampling applications. We offer Windows in a wide range of substrates, sizes and thicknesses to meet any application need.

Wedged windows can eliminate fringe patterns and be used to help avoid cavity feedback. Paralight Optics offers wedged windows fabricated from N-BK7, UV Fused Silica, Calcium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride, Zinc Selenide, Sapphire, Barium Fluoride, Silicon, and Germanium. Our wedged laser windows have a wavelength-specific AR coating centered around commonly used laser wavelengths on both surfaces. In addition, wedged beam samplers with a broadband AR coating on one face and optical ports that incorporate wedged windows are also available.

Here we list Sapphire Wedged Window, Sapphire is the material of choice for very demanding applications that benefit from reliability, strength, a broad transmission range, or low transmitted wavefront distortion at both high and low operating temperatures. It is transparent from the UV to the IR and can be scratched by only a few substances other than itself. These sapphire windows are available either uncoated (200 nm – 4.5 µm) or with a broadband AR coating deposited on both surfaces. The AR coatings are specified for either 1.65 – 3.0 µm (Ravg < 1.0% per surface) or 2.0 – 5.0 µm (Ravg < 1.50% per surface). Please check the following graphs for your references.



Wedged Angle:

30 acrmin


Eliminating Etalon Effects and Preventing Cavity Feedback

Coating Options:

Available Either Uncoated or AR Coated as Request

Custom Options:

Different Designs, Sizes and Thickness Available


Common Specifications:


Images for

Sapphire Wedged Window

Note: Back reflections from wedges are Not collinear with the Incident Beam


Ranges & Tolerances

  • Substrate Material

    N-BK7 (CDGM H-K9L), UV fused silica (JGS 1) or other IR materials

  • Type

    Wedged Window

  • Size


  • Size Tolerance


  • Thickness


  • Thickness Tolerance

    +/-0.10 mm

  • Clear Aperture


  • Wedged Angle

    30+/- 10 arcmin

  • Surface Quality (Scratch - Dig)

    Typical: 40-20 | Precision: 40-20

  • Surface Flatness @ 633 nm

    Typical ≤ λ/4 | Precision ≤ λ/10

  • Chamfer

    Protected < 0.5mm x 45°

  • Coating

    AR coatings on both sides

  • Laser Damage Threshold

    UVFS: >10 J/cm2 (20ns, 20Hz, @1064nm)
    Other Material: >5 J/cm2 (20ns, 20Hz, @1064nm)



♦ The following graphs show the transmission at normal incidence of our 5 mm thick, AR-coated sapphire windows for 1.65 - 3.0 µm (Ravg < 1.0% per surface) and for 2.0 - 5.0 µm (Ravg < 1.50% per surface).
♦ We also supply planar windows with a variety of substrate materials and coating options. For more information on windows or get a quote, please contact us.


5mm Thick Sapphire Window, AR Coated for 1.65 - 3 µm, at Normal Incidence


Sapphire Window, AR Coated for 2 - 5 µm, at Normal Incidence