Metrology Capabilities

Metrology Capabilities

Paralight Optics utilizes a variety of metrology techniques and offers inspection levels customized to your application needs. Rigorous quality inspection makes us to maintain high quality standards. For some of our customers, 100% surface inspection and spot fringe power inspection upon the request guarantees that optical components and assemblies meet the specified surface quality. For most customers random sampling for the test reports is done using international inspection standards such as NF06-022 or MIL-STD-105E. Additionally in-process metrology is a critical component of our strict ISO 9001 Global Quality Program, this metrology allows us to ensure the manufacturing in a controlled and predictable process. We employs a wide range of metrology equipment including:

Measurement Equipment


Zygo Interferometer for measurement of surface accuracies


Zygo Profilometer for measurement of a wider variety of surfaces


Xonox Measurement System for centering error


Trioptics OpticSpheric for focal length measurement


Trioptics Super Spherotronic for radius measurement


Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer to verify optical properties