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Dual Laser Line
Dielectric Mirrors

Optical mirrors are available for use with light in the UV, VIS, and IR spectral regions. Optical mirrors with a metallic coating have high reflectivity over the widest spectral region, whereas mirrors with a broadband dielectric coating have a narrower spectral range of operation; the average reflectivity throughout the specified region is greater than 99%. Hot, cold, backside polished, ultrafast, D-shaped, elliptical, parabolic, concave, crystalline, and laser line dielectric-coated optical mirrors are available for more specialized applications.

Laser line mirrors are fabricated with specialized coatings that offer high damage thresholds, making them well suited for use with a range of high-powered CW or pulsed laser sources. They are designed to withstand the high-intensity beams typically produced by Nd:YAG, Ar-Ion, Kr-Ion, and CO2 lasers.

Paralight Optics offers dual laser line dielectric mirrors with high average reflectivity greater than 99% and high damage threshold. We can produce custom mirror sizes, geometries (i.e. plano, spherical, and aspheric mirrors), substrate materials, and coatings.



Material Compliant:

RoHS Compliant

Coating Optimization:

Dielectric HR coating on one surface, R>99.5% for random polarization. Rear surface ground or polished

Optical Performance:

High Reflectivity, R>99% @ Two Wavelength

Laser Damage Threshold:

Providing High Damage Threshold


Common Specifications:


Note: A fine ground back surface is frosted and will diffuse light that is not reflected by the mirror’s front surface.


Ranges & Tolerances

  • Substrate Material

    N-BK7 (CDGM H-K9L)

  • Type

    Dual Laser Line Dielectric Mirror

  • Size


  • Size Tolerance


  • Thickness


  • Thickness Tolerance

    +/-0.2 mm

  • Chamfer

    Protective < 0.5mm x 45°

  • Parallelism

    ≤1 arcmin

  • Surface Quality (scratch-dig)


  • Surface Flatness @ 632.8 nm

    < λ/10 uncoated per 25mm range

  • Clear Aperture


  • Coating

    Dielectric HR coating, R>99%, rear surface ground or polished

  • Laser Damage Threshold

    5 J/cm2 (20 ns, 20 Hz, @1.064 μm)



These plots of the reflectance for dual laser line of 350-360nm & 527-532nm, 527-532nm & 1047-1064nm, 633-660 & 1047-1064nm respectively show that high reflectivity for design wavelength at 0° AOL.


Reflectance Curve for 527-532nm & 1047-1064nm Dual Laser Line Dielectric Mirror at 0° AOL, Unpol.


Reflectance Curve for 633-660 & 1047-1064nm Dual Laser Line Dielectric Mirror at 0° AOL, Unpol.