Custom Coating Design & Fabrication



Coatings can dramatically change the performance of your finished optical assembly. Paralight Optics can recommend coating options that reduce the time, cost, and complexity of multi-element optical systems and subassemblies. We can provide in-house coating for our custom and standard optical lenses, or customers’ lenses covering the wavelength ranges from UV, visible, mid-IR to far IR, substrate materials include optical glass, sapphire, fused silica, quartz, silicon, germanium and more. Our coating machines supply the best quality coating in terms of film hardness, laser damage threshold, and optical performance. We can even achieve full-surface coating of micro optics.

Custom Coating Services

Paralight Optics delivers with exceptional service that is well-suited to the needs of our OEM customers. Using our years of optics experience, we help customers get the best quality and performance for their optics investment. Our world-class testing and inspection team works to make sure that our optic components meet high standards for quality and reliability. Exhaustive testing and inspection means significant cost and time savings for OEM customers. And thanks to our extensive in-house coating expertise, we can offer coatings performance for even the smallest micro lenses.We're particularly proud of our inventory control management processes and work to provide an ongoing flow of parts that keep our OEM customers moving, without supply chain headaches and without the added cost of maintaining huge parts inventories.


A Full Range of Coating Types

● Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating ( V-Coating, W-Coating, BBAR, NBAR, etc.)
● Partially Reflective Coating
● Dielectric Coating with High Reflection
● Metallic Coating (aluminum, silver, gold; protected; enhanced)
● Polarizing Beamsplitters

● De-Polarizing Beamsplitters
● Dichroic Coating
● Interference Filter Coating
● Band Pass Filters
● DLC coating

Please browse the following reference graphs for some of our our specific coating type, the exact optical performances depend on the specific substrate and vary from lot to lot.


AR Coating


BBAR Coating


W Coating


Single Wavelength Partially Reflective Coating


Broad Band Partially Reflective Coating


De-Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating


Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter Coating


Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter Coating


Dichroic Coating


DLC Coating

Highlights of Our High-Performance Optical Coating

★ Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings provide optical systems with optimum protection against extreme environmental factors. The DLC coating is ideally applied to silicon and germanium. This process involves coating the relevant optical elements for the 3 to 5 µm or 8 to 12 µm wavelength range. DLC coatings have also recently been integrated into conventional coating systems (hybrid coatings), this makes multichannel applications and antireflection of zinc sulfide possible, e.g., DLC hybrid coating offers an impressive level of stability in addition to its antireflection effect for zinc sulfide. It is extremely robust and resistant.
Paralight Optics offers diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC) to withstand extreme environmental factors prevent your infrared optical systems from being damaged. To provide long-term quality assurance, we test the quality of the DLC coating on a regular basis using the wiper test. Our test is based on the TS 1888 P5.4.3 standard and tests the optical coating by subjecting it to significant mechanical stress. Our experts are capable of creating a design that meets your individual requirements.


★ Coatings in the Infrared Spectral Range
Infrared coatings protect your surfaces and are ideal for materials with specific, complex properties. Paralight Optics offer a wide range of infrared optical coatings, they are characterized by their high quality, durability and robustness, and can easily withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. They are also completely free of radioactive materials.
In addition to the standard IR coatings, we can also provide custom solutions matching your specifications. We strictly control the quality of our coatings. We also work with an independent testing and calibration laboratory to qualify our optical components. We have extensive experience of the various test methods and will select the procedure most appropriate to your application. Testing is performed on the basis of all relevant DIN, IEC, EN and MIL standards, while the coatings themselves comply with the strict requirements of the standards MIL-C-48497 and MIL-F-48616.

★ Coatings for High-Precision Laser Optics
Paralight Optics coats your laser optics in the spectral range from DUV to NIR so that you can make optimal use of the light beams. The coatings offer a high laser durability and a long lifetime. We can especially develop a custom coating to meet your requirements in the high-precision laser optics.

★ Coating of Polymer Optics
Polymer optics are used in many different industries, e.g., in camera systems, head-up displays and reflectors for LED lighting. Coatings increase the quality of polymers significantly. In this coating process, the optics are covered with a coating of thin metals and dielectrica. The coating is used for the reflection, antireflection, splitting or filtering of light beams. It can be used to suppress specific light components or prevent light reflections from occurring. All of our surfaces are protected against mechanical and chemical influences as well as scratches and dirt.
We offers a wide range of AR coatings, metallic mirror coatings, beamsplitter or filter dielectric coatings that allow you to adapt light to meet your requirements, which offer impressive precision and reliability. Our experts regularly check our processes by means of measurements, analyses and climate testing. As we have many years of experience and a wealth of expertise, we can give you expert advice, when it comes to choosing the right coating for your requirements.


Paralight Optics design, develop and manufacture high-performance optical coatings for your specific applications from the prototype stage right through to cost-effective series production. Our experts will give you advice and support with regard to coating processes, and will help you to find the optimal coating design and coating technology for your complex applications.

★ Benefits

☆ Customized: From the prototype to large-scale series production
☆ Advice and support: Offering feasibility studies and sample coatings
☆ Tested: Coatings comply with DIN ISO or MIL standards
☆ Resistant: Protected against external influences & exceptionally durable
☆ High-performance: For the spectral range from DUV to LWIR

★ Fields of Application

☆ Semiconductor industry
☆ Health care and life sciences
☆ Lighting and energy
☆ Automotive industry
☆ Digital imaging

For other coatings or different variations of the coatings described here, please feel free to contact us.