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Metal-Coated Plano Optical Mirrors

High-quality, metal-coated optical mirrors are available for use with light throughout the UV, VIS, and IR spectral regions. Their relatively wide bandwidth and high reflectivity makes mirrors with metallic coatings ideal for applications like spectroscopy.

Paralight Optics offers custom metallic mirrors available in Custom optic sizes, geometries, substrate materials, and coatings.

Paralight Opitcs offers mirrors with protected aluminum, silver, and gold coatings which exhibit exceptional broadband reflectance and are practical for many applications that are insensitive to the wavefront of a beam. Other typical uses for these mirrors include single-use applications where the experiment itself damages the mirror. For further information on coatings, please check the following Graphs for your references.



Material Compliance:

RoHS Compliant

Round Mirror or Square Mirror:

Custom Dimension Options

Wavelength Range:

Super Broadband Working Wavelength


Only for Low Power Applications


Common Specifications:


Note: silver-coated mirrors can be specifically designed for ultrafast applications in the fundamental wavelength range of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers and gold-coated mirrors for CO2 experiments.


Ranges & Tolerances

  • Substrate Material

    Fused Silica (JGS 2)

  • Type

    Plano Broadband Metallic Mirror (round, square)

  • Diameter for Round


  • Diameter Tolerance


  • Thickness


  • Thickness Tolerance

    +/-0.20 mm

  • Face Size for Square


  • Face Size Tolerance


  • Parallelism

    ≤3 arcmin

  • Surface Quality (scratch-dig)


  • Back Surface

    Fine Ground

  • Surface Flatness (Peak-Valley)

    λ/10 @ 633 nm

  • Clear Aperture

    >90% of Diameter (Round) / >90% of Dimension (Square)

  • Wavelength Range

    Enhanced Aluminum: Ravg > 90% @ 400-700nm
    Protected Aluminum: Ravg > 87% @ 400-1200nm
    UV Protected Aluminum: Ravg >80% @ 250-700nm
    Protected Silver: Ravg>95% @400-12000nm
    Enhanced Silver: Ravg>98.5% @700-1100nm
    Protected Gold: Ravg>98% @2000-12000nm

  • Laser Damage Threshold

    >1 J/cm2 (20ns,20Hz,@1064nm)



◆ Enhanced Aluminum: Ravg > 90% @ 400-700nm at 45° AOI
◆ UV Protected Aluminum: Ravg >80% @ 250-700nm at 45° AOI
◆ Enhanced Silver: Ravg>98.5% @700-1100nm at 45° AOI
◆ Protected Gold: Ravg>98% @2000-12000nm at 45° AOI


Reflectance Curve for 250-700nm UV Protected Aluminum Mirror at 45° AOI


Reflectance Curve for 700-1100nm Enhanced Silver Mirror at 45° AOI


Reflectance Curve for 2000-1200nm Protected Gold Mirror at 45° AOI