The 3rd China Fuzhou Photoelectric Industry Forum

The 3rd China Fuzhou Photoelectric Industry Forum was successfully concluded on December 16th. Chengdu ParaLight Optics Co., Ltd. participated in this industry forum.

Fuzhou —— “global capital of optoelectronic components”, as an important base of China’s optoelectronic industry, has been in the forefront of scientific and technological innovation. Here are a large number of outstanding photoelectric enterprises and scientific research institutions, which have made remarkable achievements in the fields of photoelectric materials, optical design, manufacturing technology, equipment manufacturing and other fields. Under such an advantageous platform, China Fuzhou Photoelectric Industry Forum has been successfully held for three sessions.

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“Integration and innovation, hand in hand development” has always been the theme of China Fuzhou Photoelectric Industry Forum. This BBS by Fuzhou photoelectric industry association, well-known optoelectronic industry media platform “photoelectric remit” jointly organized, Fujian normal university, Fujian optical society, Fujian normal university photoelectric and information engineering college, medical photoelectric science and technology, Ministry of Education key laboratory, photonic technology of Fujian province, Fujian photoelectric sensing application engineering technology research center as co-sponsors. The forum focused on core topics such as optoelectronic crystal materials, optoelectronic devices, laser technology, lidar, communication, AR / VR, sensing, etc. In-depth academic exchanges and practical case sharing, the forum provided a platform for participants to collide ideas and inspire technologies. At this moment, experts in the field of scientific research and technology, well-known entrepreneurs, industry leaders, university talents, and relevant leaders of the upstream and downstream industry chain gather together to discuss the new pattern and new direction of the development of the photoelectric industry.

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Paralight Optics has been grown into research, development, production and sales of high precision optical components, supplying cost-effective optics and assemblies for a wide range of industries around world. We were lucky enough to draw the third lucky prize as the photo shown.

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China Fuzhou Photoelectric Industry Forum will continue to uphold the purpose of promoting regional industrial development and linkage, promoting the exchange of upstream and downstream industries in the opticalfield, together with you, explore a new model of photoelectric industry development, and make a contribution to the sustainable development of the industry.

We Paralight regard Fuzhou excellent enterprises as the goal, to learn from benchmarking enterprises.

Post time: Mar-07-2024